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Who is the famous football player Lancinet Sidibe

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Who is the famous football player Lancinet Sidibe

Lancinet Sidibe was introduced to elite football in Albania with the colors of Flagurtari.  The midfielder who arrived from Beselidhja in Vlora quickly became a point of reference for the team that at the time was led by Shpëtim Duro, his experience with the red and black lasted only one season and the African moved to Teuta.  This weekend, the midfielder will face his former team, for which he is nostalgic, but this feeling will not stop him from seeking the triumph.

“I respect Flamurtar, last season I was part of the team and this is a special match for me, I love Flamurtar, but it’s football and we are often like tourists, one period we play for one team and the next we change shirts.  Of course I want to do my best in this meeting, maybe even more than in other matches, of course my goal is to win this challenge.”

Teuta closed the first stage by securing two consecutive victories, the 21-year-old highly appreciates his team not only for the technical side but also for the positive spirit that exists among the players.  “I am very happy for this performance of the team because in my opinion Teuta is the best team this year.  We are all like a family, we have a very capable coach and everything is going the right way.”  The midfielder from Guinea closes with a congratulation that needs no translation.

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